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Relax with friends for brunch. Serve neighbors at the food truck. The kitchen’s all about shared play and conversation.

slat n spoon-13.png


Locate all the objects listed below. Look closely! They can be anywhere!

  • acorns x 6

  • airplane

  • arrow

  • asparagus

  • balloons x 2

  • baseball mitt

  • blueberries x 2

  • broccoli

  • broken plates

  • cake boxes

  • chef hat

  • chipmunk

  • cleaning supplies

  • coffee kettle

  • corks x 10

  • cucumber slice

  • deflated balloon

  • dinner triangle

  • dragon eggs x 8

  • eggshell

  • elephants x 4

  • fallen herb

  • Ferris wheel

  • flies x 2

  • "friendship"

  • golden spoons x 6

  • gum

  • limes x 2

  • maple donut

  • mariachi band

  • missing shoe

  • money stash

  • mushrooms x 5

  • orange slice

  • piece of pizza

  • piggy banks x 4

  • propellar beanie hat

  • radish

  • rapier

  • raspberries

  • recycling bins

  • salt & pepper shakers

  • silver spoon

  • sleeping dragon

  • spider chef

  • striped straw

  • teacup lights x 2

  • tomato slice

  • top hats x 2

  • washer and dryer

  • waves crashing

  • yams


Create your own cookbook. Using single sheets of paper, write out the ingredients and directions. Make sure to include a catchy title and draw any pictures. Place each recipe into a plastic cover and collect them in a 3-ring binder so you can easily add more!


Get to know your kitchen. Search online or ask friends and family for recipes that feature each of the green words above. Once you perfect your creations, share them with someone you love. 

Spice markets are located throughout the world. They offer fragrant sacks on colorful racks with delicious snacks and more!


Where's the spice market in the Salt & Spoon?

Try to identify the selected spices in the spoons on the table, then put them to use in your next recipe!



Just like you, restaurants get grades! Famous graders are the Michelin Guide, and Zagat. Which grade did the Salt & Spoon receive?

What makes a top-rated kitchen in your home? Use some cardboard as a clipboard and start grading! Remember to taste the food, inspect cleanliness, test customer service and observe the decor!


Make a sign and put it on the fridge when you're finished!


We are a lemon-aid stand. It's important to lend a helping hand. Write a story about a time you helped someone out. 



Plants and herbs, need sunlight to grow. With sunpaper, you can use the sun to build your own herbarium!


Untitled_Artwork 10.png


The rooftop garden in the Salt & Spoon Café was made with brown sugar and flour in a casserole dish, with plant pieces from in and around the house.


Create your own micro garden landscape! Fill a casserole dish with some "sand" and decorate! What silly things might grow in your garden?!

Are there any famous rooftop gardens where you live?


We're the HoneyBees, busy as ever. Create an adventure story with us in the starring role!



You can also garden with REAL food. Ever seen a potato left on a counter for too long? It starts growing little knots at the potato "eyes." Did you know you can turn two potatoes into 30?!


Next time you have potatoes, leave two of them to sit on the counter. Once they start "sprouting," cut each potato into pieces with one sprout per piece. Set them outside for 24 hours to dry. Then plant each piece under 1" of soil. 

Once the plant grows to 6" tall, remove the bottom leaves and mound the soil further up the stem. Repeat this process several times. 

Once the plant blooms and starts to yellow, it's time to dig! Cut at the base, and dig through the soil. Find all the new potatoes! let them sit out in the sun for 24 hours. And enjoy!


Melissa Lopez (former Head Chef at Bestia in Los Angeles) says salt is the most important ingredient, and a spoon is the most important tool! That's why it's named the Salt & Spoon Café!


Did you know there's one silver spoon in the entire café. Can you find it? How many more spoons can you find?

How many salt shakers are there? Hint: Look in the wallpapers too.

salt and spoon-02.png


Name all the cooking tools on the back of the chairs. Then, create a checklist and see how many of them you have in your own kitchen. Do you have any cooking gadgets not pictured?

Untitled_Artwork 6.png


Locate the objects listed below. They are somewhere on the legs of the table. Look closely! 

  • cherries

  • coffee mug

  • cupcake

  • fish tail

  • ice cream

  • knife

  • lobster claw

  • milk cup

  • oil can

  • pear

  • pineapple

  • potato chip

  • straw

  • watermelon Popsicle

  • white rose


All 3 legs can assemble with all 3 toppers. And each can go in any of the 3 table slots. There are also 3 ways to attach the table to the café, and from 2 different sides. How many unique ways can you set up the table in the Salt & Spoon Café?


Other than being written in spilled milk (no need for tears!), what do the words on the table have in common? 



Did you know every chef brings their own special knives to work? Write your chef name on your Salt & Spoon Café kitchen knife!


Cut out paper toppings for the toasty table. Butter & jam? Avocado & tomato. Make your recipes out of paper!


Puzzle Time! Using the coffee bean illustrations, how quickly can you put together all the table pieces?


I'm MrMrs. Eggplant. If you turn me upside down, my hair becomes a mustache and my bonnet becomes a scarf. Write a funny story about me and my many personalities!



Idiomatic phrases are silly sayings that mean something different than what is actually said. Homonyms are words that sound the same, but mean different things. 


How many of them can you find in the walls of the Salt & Spoon Café?

  • good eggs and bad eggs

  • way the cookie crumbles

  • cheeses saying "cheese"

  • a fridge that's running

  • cool as a cucumber

  • home on the range

  • "mixed" vegetable

  • one smart cookie

  • lemonade stand

  • couch potatoes

  • breaking bread

  • pie in the sky

  • buns in oven

  • "green peas"

  • piece of cake

  • top banana

  • "art"ichoke

  • spilled milk

  • sugar coat

  • egg-plant

  • "beets"



Artists use many different types of material to create their work. At the Salt & Spoon Café, the chef uses food splatters and cutting boards!

Create some art of your own using various ingredients from the kitchen. In place of a cutting board, use a baking sheet since its edges keep all your "paints" contained. 


Outside the Salt & Spoon Café are clues that reveal the address of the actual café. Figure it out and you can send a letter to the chef. If it's correct, you'll get a letter back!


Check out the refrigerator magnets. Organize the letters by color, then rearrange them to spell new words.


Did you know the inventor's initials are on the fridge too? 

What other words can you spell?


Find the license plates on the food truck. What do they say?

Can you identify the kitchen silhouettes in the Papel Picado?

Build a pretend food truck at your house where you can serve snacks and refreshments. Make a sign with your restaurant name and display it proudly.

Make some marshmallows for the exhaust of your food truck.

If you need more knives, you can create some more with aluminum foil and cardboard. 



Create your own license plate for your food truck. Remember, you can only use a total of 7 letters and numbers combined. 

Don't forget to have tunes playing. Everyone loves festive music! And decorations too! Give your food truck some flair with garland, balloons and confetti all around. 

You can follow any of these videos to make a chef's hat, or look at the directions below. 

food truck-02.png

Make your own rootbeer float


Untitled_Artwork 12.png


Find as many eating utensils as you can throughout the Salt & Spoon Café. 

Did you know not every culture uses forks and spoons? What are other types of utensils?


Grab your friends and customize your next tea party. 


Use some markers and crayons to color in the blank side of the teacups.

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 2.32.38 PM.png

Ooh! Hot noodles! Write a story about the conversation happening on the other side of the brick oven.



Memorize how to pack up the Salt & Spoon. How quickly can you do it?

Untitled_Artwork 12.png
Untitled_Artwork 12.png


Turn your kitchen into a real life Salt & Spoon Café by creating a menu for your next dinner. 

Draw the name Salt & Spoon Café at the top of your menu, and color it in! Add your delicious recipes, separated by category: appetizer, main course, and most importantly the dessert! 


Happy cooking!

Untitled_Artwork 6.png


DYK: The United States has a different way to measure than almost everywhere else in the world? The U.S. uses "customary units" while the majority of the world uses the "Imperial System." 

How are they different? 


Lend a helping hand in the kitchen. Follow the diagram to make your own chart that organizes how many of each equals the next.

Then put it on the fridge for easy access! 

food truck-02.png


Did you know, "to scale" means that something in an image or photograph is pictured in the same scale as it is in real life? Find the To-Go box in the Salt & Spoon.

Every StoryRoom has one element that is "to scale." Since we always have to miniaturize ourselves to fit into the world of make-believe, Archamelia maximizes itself to meet us in our world. 

Grab something as simple as a spoon and incorporate it into your play, and it won't look out of place. 

Find all the "to scale" items in the rest of Archamelia. 

And Consider These

Can you find the 3-pans and 6-pans in the kitchen? 

The pointed rooftop of the food truck is visible through the window in the kitchen. And the interior of the pinked-box cakery is visible through the outer window of the food truck. 

The rooftop and the umbrella share the same black and white striped roof. It's all a matter of perspective. 

Neshyba (the name of the company that makes the magnetic knife holder), is the family name of the inventor of Archamelia. 

The original logo of Archamelia is hidden somewhere around the Salt & Spoon. Look closely, it may be a different name...

When closed, the Salt & Spoon Café offers a never-ending exterior that wraps around the StoryRoom continuously. 

Outside the food truck are shadows of confetti. YOU are in the middle of a party!

Set up the Salt & Spoon Café next to the Topsy-Turvey Teatro so people can grab some snacks at intermission. 

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