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“When a thing is wick, it has a life about it

Now, maybe not a life like you and me

Hiding down below a spark’s asleep inside it

Waiting for the right time to be seen.”         

-Lucy Simon

We Bring Living to Life™

Our Mission

 We believe everyone is WICK, able to thrive in an ever more digital landscape. Unafraid of a little bit of effort, Archamelia is your open-ended playground to practice critical thinking, pattern-finding, observation, creation and exploration.

Archamelia believes that imagination is how we learn to believe in something greater. And play is how we practice making it possible.

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What makes a house to a kid without a home?

Partnerships with Journey House Foster Care and a relocated Syrian Refugee Community (through Mosaic Church) helped to answer this initial question.  


Playtime with these communities quickly revealed that a house is more than four walls and a roof. It’s any place where we feel seen, heard, appreciated and loved - where we laugh, explore, create, and learn.

Where we feel free to be.


A refugee child explained that home is anywhere the smell of mom’s cooking fills the air. A foster child said it was a photo of Dad. And for me, the inventor, it's in a dance studio. 

Home means something different for each of us. And shouldn’t toy houses offer the same?

Thank you, Journey House and Mosaic Church, for being the first pioneers to move into our neighborhood.

Our Planet Is Our Customer, Too!

Archamelia™ cares about the planet. That's why it's made from paper!

  • We don't use hard plastics or metals.

  • We use non-toxic, eco-friendly adhesives.

  • Our materials are sourced in the United States

  • Our materials come from responsibly managed, FSC certified forests.

  • Each house is manufactured and assembled by hand - in Los Angeles.

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Quote 08.png

-Barbara, a grandma

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Many Toys In One

• CONSTRUCTION KIT: Have fun learning basic engineering and mechanical concepts during set up.

• ESCAPE ROOM: Solve the puzzles, crack the codes, eye-spy and more. Dozens of illustrated games lead you on a scavenger hunt for answers that hint at, and reveal, the character's name.

• PLAYSET: Grab additional dolls and figurines for extended make-believe with the existing characters.

• CRAFT KIT: Solve the riddles to unlock the creature's secret features and learn new hand-craft skills.

Explore the Kitchen Shelves:

Find one smart cookie, cool as a cucumber, a piece of cake, green peas, beets, the silver spoon, a home on the range, an eggplant and a sugarcoat. What else can you find? 

Rearrange the red magnet-letters to spell a word. 

Have you ever used food to make art? Try it on a cutting board in your kitchen!​


Archamelia has won two gold medals in international design competitions, as well as awards for sustainability and social impact. It was even featured in a book as an example of gender neutral toy design!


International Design Excellence Award Gold Medal


Denhart Family Special Recognition for Social and Environmental Impact


International Design Awards

Gold Medal


Spark Awards Finalist

Social Impact

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