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An Escape Room Style Puzzling Game Set

In Archamelia's Topsy Turvy Teatro Pop-Up Puzzle there lives a unique creature whose name can only be learned by cracking the codes hidden in its illustrations. Learn the name to unlock the creature’s secret feature!

"This toy is a brilliant work of art. Smart and extremely impressive."

-Design Lead, Mattel

The "Name" of the Game

Elemenopes are clever creatures with secret features! Solve the puzzles hidden within the illustrated walls to learn my name along with the password to reveal my surprise power-up! Can you guess what I am hiding?!

I transform from a rat...into a bat!




Scene One:

The Kiosk

Step right up! And get your tickets! This is the last night to catch a riddling performance in ten acts.

Everything is there for a reason...

Can you find the answer before the final curtain falls?

Scene Three:

The Stage Door

There is no time for autographs. Rush to the alley after the performance to find more clues in and around the stage door.

Inspired by theatres on Broadway, the dressing rooms and fire escape overhead may be hiding the answers you seek.


Scene Two:

The Performance!

Quickly take your seats...or...don't?! The show has already begun, and there's little time to waste. The answers are hidden onstage, around the flyrail, in the orchestra pit... Do you have what it takes to discover my name?


Scene Three:

The Stagedoor

There is no time for autographs! Head into the alley and find more answers in and around the artist's entrance.

Inspired by Broadway theaters, the Topsy Turvy's dressing rooms and fire escape might have the answer you seek.


Perspective Shifting

Just as the bat transforms into a rat, the pieces of the handheld microphone can be rearranged to become a theatrical ghost light and a miniature stand-up mic.

Sometimes, the solution just requires looking from a new point of view.

"I can't believe this all fits into one little magic box!"

Explorer's Notebook

This comic book zine guides your exploration, and helps keep track of your observations and discoveries along the way. It offers additional SIDE QUESTS and clues. Careful it doesn't fall into the hands of the mad inventor!



Dressing Room

Color in the panels on the Explorer's Notebook and create a custom dressing room for the Topsy Turvy's inhabitant.


What You Get!

The Topsy Turvy Teatro folds up for easy storage! Included are the Elemenope Creature, and the Explorer's Notebook.

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