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Limited Edition Collectible

The original Archamelia. Only 350 were made. Less than 100 remain. This sustainable toy house was designed for all of your favorite dolls and figurines to fit easily on your bookshelf and unfolds to ten times its size.

5 playsets, over 20 configurations and 100+ hide-and-seek illustrated panels and games for hours of continued engagement and inspiration.

Exercising Creativity, Building Imagination!

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Unfold and transform the house and each room to improve fine motor skills and memory with gravity, mechanics, engineering, weight distribution, and more.

For Kids Who Like to Build

Archamelia™ is the backdrop for creativity. Fill in the gaps of your story with your imagination, creating DIY accessories to complete your adventures. 

For Kids Who Like to Make

Invite all of your toys into an open ended world with 20+ scenes to guide your make-believe from one adventure to the next. Never tell the same story twice. 

For Kids Who Play Pretend

In Archamelia™, there's no "right" way to play. A house that falls over isn't broken, it has just become a boat! The child determines the story, set up, and action.

For Kids Who Just Create

For Any Kid...Guaranteed.

For Kids Who Like to Share

And Kids Who Love to Read

For Kids Who Play Pretend

For Kids Who Like to Build

For Kids Who Hide and Seek

And Kids Who Like to Make

And Kids Who Just Create

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Hidden throughout over 100 illustrative panels are eye-spy games, riddles, idiomatic puns and more. Everything in the house is just waiting to be found. 

For Kids Who Hide and Seek
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Inspired by the toy, the chapter book invites readers to uncover how the house has come to be, and guides physical play. It's a coloring book too!

For Kids Who Love to Read

With all your dolls and figurines, invite your friends too. 360º illustrations mean play from all angles. There's something for everyone within these walls. 

For Kids Who Like to Share

Not a dollhouse, it's a toy house that honors gender neutrality, diversity, equity and inclusion, inviting everyone to play ... together!

For Any Kid, Guaranteed
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