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Letter from the Inventor

Read Time: 45 Seconds

          We don’t need to be literate to tell our stories. We use facial expressions, body language, sounds and artifacts...all the ingredients of play! Stories are how we make sense of the world. They make us, guide us, reveal us and protect us. Archamelia™ guides every child to put into action what they might not yet be able to put into words.


          Archamelia™ understands that children learn through play the stuff that’s hard to teach. It promotes individual innovation with collective collaboration, and preserves their innocent creativity as they grow up. Together, we can remember that the world is already augmented, we just need to relearn how to see it.


          Lastly, just as our muscles, immunity and bones increase in strength when confronted with stress, so too do our social empathy and intelligence grow when faced with inner and external conflicts. Nutritious Play sees our Anti-Fragility as a superpower that only grows stronger with use. Archamelia™ believes in insatiable exploration, with optimistic creativity, without fear of intimidation or friction. It’s not about the problem to be solved, but the art of solving it. And while Trial and Error is slower, it is a far more reliable and effective teacher than direct Copy and Repeat Instruction.


          Archamelia™, the House of a Thousand Stories, provides the context for kids to become. Where they go and what they do is entirely up to them. I hope open-ended play engenders the confidence to ask, “what did that word mean?” and the self-awareness to know how to find the answer. I hope that through Storytelling, Limitless Make-Believe, Open-ended Play...and a little bit of will learn that seeing what's possible is mostly a matter of believing in the impossible.

Create Otherly!              


Charlie Neshyba-Hodges