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  • Must they be solved in a specific order?
    Absolutely not! While each pop-up puzzle "speaks" to one another through various side quests, they can be played and solved as stand-alone games. Start with whichever one commands your attention!
  • How long does it take to solve?
    A few least! Each game incorporates puzzles that require visual, verbal, and spatial creativity. So while some answers might be easy to find, others will prove to be quite challenging.
  • What is the ideal age?
    The same as the idea age for a Pixar movie. In other words, young kids play with each game as a playset. Teenagers enjoy the creature power-ups. Home school families use Archamelia as an entertaining way to engage in unique lesson plans. Adults appreciate a departure from digital screens. There's something in here for everyone. It does not require a PhD in rocket science to solve. It only requires creative thinking, persistence, and curiosity.
  • How many people can play?
    Some people play on their own. Couples enjoy solving it together, and taking turns. It has been used as an object at the center of a table for the family to work on together. And some have even purchased identical sets to be solved by people in different locations...via zoom!
  • Is it a "one and done" kind of game?
    Archamelia believes in sustainability. For this reason - once the puzzle has been solved and in order to extend the product life - additional side quests are provided. Additionally, the character's "power-up" offers an activity that can be repeated time and again. Lastly, if you ever want to regift your Archamelia game set to another friend or family member, email and request a PDF copy of the Explorer's Notebook, and you can share the fun!
  • How sustainable is Archamelia?
    The paperboard is sourced from an FSC certified forest in Wisconsin. All printing, cutting, and assembly is done within a 20-mile radius of Inglewood, California. Lastly, I assemble each one by hand, in my workshop. Where possible, any tape used for product and packaging is either paper or cellulose based, and uses a biodegradable adhesive. The surface paper has a thin coat that protects it from moisture. This allows it to be spot cleaned, extends the product life, and improves tear resistance at hinges and joints. Made entirely from paper, it is lightweight for easy travel. And, sourcing materials within the United States, and manufacturing with a 20-mile radius of my home affords a drastic reduction in C02 offsets.
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