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An Escape Room Style Puzzling Playset

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All Ages, 6 and Up

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"This toy is a brilliant work of art. Smart and extremely impressive."

-Design Lead, Mattel

Every Archamelia Puzzle-Set comes with a unique creature whose name can only be learned by cracking the codes hidden in the illustrations. Learn the name to unlock the creature’s secret feature!


The Flip-n-Fly Aeronautilus is a Pop-Up Escape Room. Help the Elemenope remember its name to unlock the Creature's Secret Feature!

BONUS: Once you've solved the puzzle, Archamelia fits on your bookshelf, and is designed to become a playset that blends with your favorite dolls and action figurines for extended imaginative make-believe.


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Elemenopes are clever creatures with secret features! Solve the puzzles hidden within the illustrated walls to learn this creature's name along with the password to reveal its surprise power-up!

The 'Name' of the Game

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Roll Over

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Scene One:

The Suitcase

Before you transform the Flip-n-Fly Aeronautilus, use any clues to solve as many suitcase riddles as you can! Everything is there for a reason...

Looks like the Elemenope left a secret message on your luggage tag. Time to get a-crackin'!

"I love that my child and his grandmother can play with this toy - separately or together!"

-Jesse, a father

Scene Two:

The Commercial Airliner

It's time to transform! Open your suitcase and unfold the Aeronautilus into the Vitaärgo, a scintillating commercial airliner. Notice anything unusual?

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"I want to collect all the rooms that I don't even know exist.

-Esther, a mother

Scene Three:

The Military Aircraft

Flip around the Vitaärgo and behold the Canary, a Military Aircraft ready to defend. It would seem the camouflage is hiding more than the aircraft itself...

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"The word TOY doesn't do justice. It is so thought-provoking with hours upon hours of fun and creativity."

-Cheryl, a photographer

Scene Four:

The Cabin Controls

Mayday! Mayday! Making an emergency water landing. Brace for impact! Wait a minute - are these lights blinking out a secret message?

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Scene Five:

Big Blue

Don't worry about a water landing...Big Blue the Whale Shark will get you safely to shore. You might learn a thing or two on the way!

"I can't believe this all fits into one little magic box!"

-Chandra, a daughter

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Shape-Shifting Pilot

Rotate the pilot of the Aeronautilus to transform this Elemenope into four different characters.  

Are you brave enough to discover its real name?

Explorer's Notebook

This comic book zine guides your exploration, and helps keep track of your observations and discoveries along the way. It offers additional activities and play ideas. Careful it doesn't fall into the hands of the mad inventor!

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Underwater Lair

Color in the panels on the Explorer's Notebook and create a custom Lair for your Flip-n-Fly Elemenope.

"There's so much freedom in this toy. It is extremely creative and openly interactive.

-Beck, a baker

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What You Get!

Everything folds up into the Suitcase for easy storage on your bookshelf! Included is the Flip-n-Fly Aeronautilus, the Elemenope Creature, and the Explorer's Notebook.

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