Play is how we learn the stuff that's hard to teach. And the stories we tell help us practice to become.

Archamelia™ Offers Nutritious Play

If imagination points us toward impossible, then it's creativity that guides the way. All that's left is to practice giving ourselves permission to pursue our potential, while building the confidence to share ourselves with the world. 

Through investing in how the child in each of us experiences life with nutritious play that sparks imagination, creates opportunities and preserves the planet, kids learn that seeing what's possible first requires believing in the impossible.


International Design Excellence Award Gold Medal


Denhart Family Special Recognition for Social and Environmental Impact


International Design Awards

Gold Medal


Spark Awards Finalist

Social Impact

Meeting Your Needs

Child Development is critical. Each room of Archamelia™ targets specific types of critical play including: Symbolic, Exploratory, Fantasy, Imaginative, Dramatic, Object, Locomotive, Communicative and Role Play.

Since children are the stewards of tomorrow, we want to give them the tools necessary to protect it. Imagination is how we learn to believe in something greater. Play is how we practice making it possible.


Our Planet Is Our Customer, Too!

Archamelia™ cares about the planet. That's why it's made from paper!

  • We don't use hard plastics or metals.

  • We use non-toxic, eco-friendly adhesives.

  • Our materials are sourced in the United States

  • Our materials come from responsibly managed, FSC certified forests.

  • Each house is manufactured and assembled by hand - in Los Angeles.


-Barbara, a grandma

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More Than Just a Toy!

There are over 100 visual landscapes to capture their attention with hidden games, eye-spy, and vocabulary enhancements. Every illustration combines hand work, computer animation, unique photo-collage and textures.

Explore the Kitchen:

Find one smart cookie, cool as a cucumber, a piece of cake, green peas, beets, the silver spoon, a home on the range, an eggplant and a sugarcoat. What else can you find? 

Rearrange the blue magnet-letters to spell a word. 

Have you ever used food to make art? Try it on a cutting board in your kitchen!​

What else can you find on your own?


For Everyone!


That applies to their toys too.  


Gender neutral and created to welcome all the toys you already own, Archamelia™ is here to set the scene for their stories to unfold! The dynamic illustrations offer inclusive and thematic games that improve vocabulary, extend playtime, inspire storytelling, and entertain. Check out the license plates. What costs $2? Identify the utensils.

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Context Guides the Story

If you hand a kid a cow and sheep, they make some animal noises. But then hand that kid a rocket ship too, and the animals can be heard shouting, "To the Mooooo-n and Baa-a-a-a-ack!"

Archamelia™ guides a child's make-believe by providing new context and visual cues to tell different stories every time.

-Jesse, a big brother