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Unfold to Assemble Imagination.

This Limited Edition Collectible toy house is the first of its kind - the original Archamelia. It has guided online activities found on the Tutorium. While there is no character, it comes with a companion chapter book. Only 350 were made, and less than 100 remain.


Check out what's inside!

Goat Check-30.png
Theater Front.jpg

Locomotive Play + Memory Play

+ Sequence + Fine Motor Skills


Take your story on the go! Whether flying military or commercial, a child's locomotive curiosity sets the limit to the adventures they will find.


StoryRoom Two: 

Flip 'n' Fly Airplane

StoryRoom One:

Topsy-Turvey Teatro

Role Play + Intrapersonal Skills

+ Self-Expression Skills


Use your own dolls and sing your favorite songs to find your voice and share your stories. Whether telling jokes, or playing instruments, the theater is a great way to build confidence and self-esteem.


StoryRoom Three:

Salt & Spoon Cafe


Shared Play + Interpersonal Skills

+ Fine Motor Skills


With operating shelves and a flip-flop table, this bakery, street-side cafe, and food truck are a great place to practice socializing with family, friends, and customers!

StoryRoom Four:

Antique Antechamber

Charlie Hodges9981.jpg

Interactive Play + Fine Motor Skills + Customizable Play


Grab your markers and color your secret compartment! This “drawing” room is a great place to keep your storytelling props (and hide your special things). Can you find the Golden Ruler?!

BONUS PLAYSET! The House Transforms Too!

Pirate Ship

Full TreeHouse.jpg


Untitled_Artwork 2.png

Archamelia, the Carrier

Constructive Play + Critical Thinking

+ Imaginative Play + Sequential Learning


Whether you’re a pirate setting sail or an astronaut lifting off, this house will go where your stories take you.


Spaces include the Tree Fort, the Throne Room, Party Hall, Library, Solar Garden, Beach and the Secret Hideout!

Full Rocket.jpg



All Packed Up

New Throne.jpg


Fibonacci Throne


Each Playset Comes with a Collectible Card

Photographic directions on the front show how the hinges work. And the back offers a guide for games and activities.

Collectible Cards

And There's a Companion Chapter Book!

Book Front.png

Back Cover


Co-authors Jenifer Ringer and Charlie Hodges

Illustrations by Janie Taylor


Tired of the same, and curious for more, our main character falls out of bed, unaware that today is the day that will change everything.


That afternoon, she stumbles upon a solitary door resting mysteriously in the woods.


Just beyond the door is the land of Imagistoria, a fantastical forest fueled by creativity. But something horrible is happening. It seems imagination...and time...are running out.


Follow along as she meets new friends and fights to save Imagistoria, where anything is possible and everything can be. The only missing piece is your creativity. 

Roll Over to Open

Reading and Make-Believing

Pack your bags for adventure! Help save Imagistoria and its colorful characters from collapse inside the pages of The First Door, a new companion chapter book inspired by the toy house. 

With multiple entry points for kids of any learning style, Archamelia™ is for the kids who use playsets to be motivated to read, as much as for the kids who use reading to be encouraged to play.

Balloon Book-02.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 5.54.00 PM.jpg

Hey Neighbors!

Enter the Tutorium for online games and activities.

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