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Follow along these short videos to learn how to set up and put away your magical pop-up play!

Set Up-01.png
Last Day-02.png

Exercising Creativity. Building Imagination.

1: Setting up the

Archamelia Carrier

2 minutes

The Tutorium is your go-to place for activities, games, and projects inspired by Archamelia. Enjoy it alone, or with friends and family!

2: Setting up the

Topsy Turvey Teatro

2 minutes

3: Setting up the

Antique Antechamber

20 Seconds

4: Easy to Repair

and Customize

30 Seconds

5: Setting up the

Salt & Spoon Café

4.5 minutes

6: Setting up the

Flip -n- Fly Airplane

2 minutes

6: Easy to Repair

and Customize

30 Seconds
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