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flip n fly-13.png

From air to sea, this storyroom unfolds into a commercial plane, a military aircraft, a rocket, a tugboat, and a whale! Let the play begin! 


Locate the objects listed below. Look closely! They can be anywhere on the plane.

• alien x 2

• anchor

attic door


bat wing x 2

bird cage

bouquet of flowers

bowler hat




camera x 2

coffee cup

dirigible x 4


eject button

fire extinguisher

flamingo floaty

• Flying goose x 5

gold star

golden tires

• Kentucky Derby


krill x 5

• green leaf x 2

marshmallow clouds

mouse x 2

• old pirate ship

• pair of shoes x 3


purple monster

rhinoceros x 2

• rope ladder 

• seatbelt x 2

skeleton key

sky divers

• sunflower x 2

sunflower seed

teddy bear


toggle switch x 4

tractor x 2


warp-speed button

whale tail


Find the symbol on the exterior of the military aircraft. Whom does it represent and what were their accomplishments and contributions? 


What is an idiom? Can you find the idioms "air pocket" and the "flight deck" somewhere on the Flip 'n' Fly?


By the way, what is an air pocket? Is it dangerous?


How many unique flying "machines" can you identify throughout the Flip 'n' Fly airplane? HINT: Look inside and out!


Create your own flying machines. You can draw them, build them, or tell a story about them. What do they look like, how are they used, and what are they for? 



I'm ready to fly! Tell my story! Start by giving me a name and then setting me on an adventure.


Crack the codes at the bottoms of each luggage tag.

Use the same key from the luggage tags to crack the code in the cockpit. Once you do, why are they worth celebrating?

Fold the paper airplane

on the side of the suitcase.




Find the cabin keyboard. Write down all the letters that share the same colors. Some keys are used 2, 3 and even 4 times! Then rearrange the letters to spell topical words. 



Why do we say, "Roger" when we are talking over intercoms?

Learn Morse code in 15 minutes!

Who is being X-rayed on the Flip 'n' Fly Security Monitor?

Who was the captain of the ship for which the pilot is in search? HINT: The pilot left a map for all to see. 

Brush! How many yellow teeth can you count in the whale's mouth? Remember to look up, too!


Pretend to be the pilot, searching for your lost ship. Make sure you have a co-pilot. Stuffed animals work too! But be careful! Don't get swallowed by the whale!


Hello! My name is Penny, the Periwinkle Parakeet. Tell a story about my next travel adventure. 

Luggage Tags-08.png


Identify the many languages used to say "Welcome!" on the side of the plane. Can you memorize them too?

Identify the good luck charms in the cockpit. Hint: Those featured are common in India, Thailand, Israel, Japan, Mexico, and the United States.


What airport was home to this infamous carpet pattern?

What was the pilot photographing on the latest fly-by? Can you identify all the images? 

Take your own photographs from overhead, like you're in an airplane. How do objects look different?

What do lamps look like from overhead? Your couch? And the building in which you live?


Try to capture tall objects with cast shadows (like the surfer or the camel in the pilot's Polaroids).




Memorize the poem for setting up the plane that's printed on the back of the Flip 'n' Fly Game Card. Turn it into a song to be sung! 

What is the meaning of the air traffic control pose on the front of the suitcase? Learn the other silent commands!

The military aircraft is called "the Canary." What famous pilot had a similarly named plane?

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 5.25.02 PM.png

Can you find all 3 appearances of the Honey Bear in the online Tutorium?


Make the chairs pictured for the cabin of your plane. Use the image for construction guidance. You'll need:

• 2 paper clips and 4 thumbtacks

• a strip of cardboard

• some fun paper

• a binder clip

• tape

1. Carefully cut a strip of cardboard that's 1.5" x 5". Accordion fold the bottom 3 inches using scored lines (use an X-Acto knife to cut almost all the way through).

2. Stick the thumbtacks through the 3 cardboard layers to hold them in place. 

3. Fix the back of the chair upright using tape at a 45º angle. And then attach the paper clips to the tape. 

4. Fold the colored paper as desired. Hold it against the back of the chair and clamp it with a binder clip!

(If you get lost, just copy the image!)




Try closing your eyes and using both your hands and your sense of touch to set up and put away the plane. 

Try to set up the plane using just one hand, with the other one held behind your back. 

Now, how quickly can you safely set up the plane, and fold it away? Maybe you can set a new world record!


Grab a thin bedsheet and some tape (or thumbtacks if you don't mind holes). Mount the sheet over a window so the light can cast through, like the parachute. 


Lay another blanket on the floor to recreate the image in the plane, and pretend to be a traveling circus rhinoceros.

What noises do you make? What do you like to eat? Do you have any fancy tricks to rehearse before your next big show?!

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 5.18.26 PM.png

Write a story about our traveling circus act. What are our names and for what are we famous?


emergency supplies-05.png

Identify all the items in the Emergency Supply: 


a "rain forest"

• battery

• cactus

• candle

• chocolate

• crayons

• dental floss

• drafting tools

• Eames' card deck

• firecrackers

• flame

• journal

• matches


• pencils

• pencil sharpener

• pipe cleaner

• pitch whistle

• propeller

• rocket

• scissors

• Scrabble letters

• Slinky

• putty

• thermometer

• twine



Collect 20 of your own emergency supplies. Spread them all out onto a baking sheet.

Have someone remove one object, shifting the remaining objects to conceal the missing piece. Now guess which emergency supply is missing!

Somewhere hidden in the emergency supplies is an "adventure" waiting to be found. Start hunting!

Did you know our rain forests act as an air filter for Earth? They purify the air we breathe. That's why the face masks have images of a rain cloud and a forest. Together, they make a "rain forest!" 

Get to know trees in your neighborhood. You can identify them online to learn their names and other fun facts.


Thread a handful of cotton balls along about 36" of dental floss (or twine or string). Repeat this as many times as you'd like. Then fix each strand to the underside of your top bunk (or to your ceiling) using tape or thumbtacks. Then you're ready for take-off to soar through the cotton ball clouds!

Untitled_Artwork 23.png

Look at clouds outside. What do they look like? Tell a story about all you see. 



Find the sticker on the luggage for the Hollywood Bowl. Learn more about this building and why it's famous. 

The commercial aircraft is called "Exocoetid Air" after exocoetidae. Once you learn what it means, draw one and color it in!

Why were shark mouths painted onto military planes? Are there other types of nose art? 

Find a photo of the airports on the luggage tags. Why do airports look the way they do? What does your hometown airport look like? 

Where do airports get their three-letter codes? How did your airport get its name? Why is Chicago's airport code "ORD"?

Get to know the people quoted beneath the wings of the plane.

Who is John Moschitta Jr.? What world record could he claim?

Where does he "show up" in the Flip 'n' Fly?

What is the ISS? HINT: It's out of this world. Once you find it, check out the windows. Where is the ISS window in the Flip 'n' Fly?

Deccofelt Corp. made fuzzy dice famous. What's the story here?

Find a message written in the clouds. What does it mean? 

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