Exercising Creativity. Building Imagination.


Prompts to write, tell, and act out new storylines inspired by the house for solo or shared play and performance


House-guided activities to inspire new research online, at your local library, or through friendly conversation. 


Get hands-on with your fine-motor skills! These activities teach mechanics, weight-distribution, construction, and gravity.


Invent characters and make your own props as you build the world around Archamelia with activities for creative make-believe.


Uncover every secret! "I spy" games, coded riddles, and hidden objects are stashed throughout the walls of the house. 

The Tutorium is your go-to place for activities, games, and projects inspired by Archamelia. Enjoy it alone, or with friends and family!

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Click a StoryRoom to discover its hidden secrets!


StoryRoom Two:

Topsy-Turvey Teatro

Role Play + Intrapersonal Skills +

Self-Expression Skills

StoryRoom One:

Flip 'n' Fly Airplane

Locomotive Play + Memory Play +

Sequence + Fine Motor Skills


The Carrier:


Constructive Play + Critical Thinking +

Imaginative Play + Memorization


StoryRoom Four:

Antique Antechamber

Interactive Play + Fine Motor Skills +

Customizable Play


StoryRoom Three:

Salt & Spoon Cafe

Shared Play + Interpersonal Skills +

Fine Motor Skills

Share Your Play Stories!

Hello Neighbor! If you have any new ideas for imaginative play and storytelling inspired by Archamelia™, please share them below and we will add them to the activities in the Tutorium! Let's build this creative community...together!

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