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Every good story needs props. Hide your own in this secret hole-in-the-wall. Then grab your markers and color in all the props pictured in the "drawing" room!



To keep track of the props you find within the drawing room, you can color in each item as you find it. 

Or, color in a prop after each time you feature it in your make-believe. 


Locate all the objects listed below in the drawing room. Check outside and inside!

  • alligator tail

  • astronaut

  • bandana

  • bandit mask

  • bear mask

  • beard mask

  • binoculars

  • bow tie

  • bow, arrow, arrowheads

  • bowler hat

  • bubbles

  • bunny ears

  • candy

  • cane

  • clown shoes

  • clown wig

  • comedy squirt flower

  • corncob pipe

  • cowboy hat

  • crow

  • crown

  • detective coat

  • die

  • disguise glasses

  • dragon

Identify the names of the people etched in the back support of the chair.

Once you figure out who they are, you can search online for videos to see them all in action. 

Whose name would you etch onto the chair with all the rest? 



Check for used wooden chairs in your area. Grab some paint and decorate your chair with your favorite colors. Finish by adding the names of your favorite icons. You can find more inspiration here.



Help! I'm Armie, the Ant. I've lost my friends. I've got eight of them. How did I get lost? And can you help me find all eight of my friends?


Back to the Drawing Room! Here are MORE objects to find and color in. Remember, look inside too!

  • dumbbell

  • eagle wings

  • elephant nose

  • eyelashes

  • eye patch

  • fairy wings

  • feather boa

  • fire helmet

  • forest ranger hat

  • fork

  • foxtail

  • goggles

  • magic cape

  • magic hat

  • magnet

  • make-up

  • map

  • masquerade mask

  • match

  • mermaid tail

  • microphone

  • microscope

  • money bag

  • mushroom

Somewhere in the Tutorium is a spider dressed as a chef. Can you find it? It's also hiding in an Archamelia StoryRoom. Once you do, write a story about it!


  • helmet

  • hopscotch

  • horn

  • hula skirt

  • inkwell and quill

  • judge's wig

  • juggling pins

  • jump rope

  • ladybug

  • lightning bolt


Optical illusions are tricks played on the eyes. There's a secret word hidden in the Antique Antechamber that can only be read by tilting it away from your eyes. Can you find it? What's the word? 

Make your own optical trick! Write a secret message with a pen on a thick rubber band stretched around something large. Take it off and watch the message shrink into disguise. Pass it off to your friend or family member for them to stretch and read! Have them write you back on the inside!


Can you break into the secret safe?! Invent an Escape Room in your own home! Here is one way. Create a story to go with your game: What year is it? Who are you? And why do you need to crack the code?!


Hide a prize inside a box that's fastened with a lock. Turn each number of the lock into a separate riddle to be solved. 

Use puzzles, scavenger hunts, drawings and objects to conceal the numbers for the lock. The options are limitless! 


Put together all the assets for your Escape Room, and set the timer! Invite your friends, or play with your family members.


Grab a timer, and split into teams (if necessary). And go!


Untitled_Artwork 9.png

Thread a cord through three holes pierced into a Popsicle stick. Remember to string the washers! Use the drawing as instruction. 


Try to move the rings from one hoop to the next without cutting or untying. 



What is damask wallpaper? Where did it come from? Design your own!

On the Antique Antechamber, look in the damask wallpaper to find these hidden gems:

  • key 

  • slug

  • apple

  • fan

  • three-leaved clover

  • bowler hat

Did you know that a potato can be turned into a battery? Have fun building one with adult supervision. All you need are: 

2 potatoes (obviously!)

2 pennies

2 galvanized nails 

2 short pieces of heavy copper wire

1 LED clock/light to be turned on. 

There are many ways to do it. Try explaining how it works once you finish. 

Using construction paper, cut out some funny eyes, make a mustache, and find some feathers to turn your bedside lamp into a funny friendly face!

I always forget my name because I'm so busy remembering all that happens in this hallway. Help me tell the stories of all I've seen.







There are even MORE objects in the drawing room. Find these, color them in, and use them in your next great adventures!

  • mustache

  • paper airplane

  • penny

  • pig nose

  • ping-pong paddles

  • pinwheel hat

  • pirate hook

  • platform shoe

  • rabbit nose

  • ribbon - 1st place

  • roller skate

  • rope

  • rose

  • rubber chicken

  • rubber gloves

  • sand bucket

  • scarecrow

  • science beaker

  • sheriff badge

  • skeleton

  • sock

  • stethoscope

  • stopwatch

  • suitcase

  • sunglasses

  • sword

  • tic-tac-toe

  • top hat

  • tunic

  • turtle shell

  • tutu

  • unicorn horn

  • walking stick


There's one item in the Drawing Room that wasn't listed in the Explorer lists above. Which item isn't listed?

You can make one of these items at home! Use the handle of a household cleaning device commonly seen in October and any sort of cloth material. Pack it and go!

What stories can you tell using a prop like this? 


Below is a clipping from the Archamelia™ FunTimes, the local newspaper in Imagistoria. Can you solve the crime and help Detective B. Sattler? 



Promise, our favorite silent guide in the land of Imagistoria, is always getting into trouble. Recognized by its floppy ears, shaggy fur and multicolored eyes, Promise's most distinguishing feature is its long, striped, black-and-white tail. 

Did you know that Promise is hiding somewhere in every StoryRoom of Archamelia? It's even climbing somewhere around the house! Just keep your eyes peeled for that black-and-white striped tail!


Happy searching!


Did you know anteaters don't have any teeth, and their claws are so sharp and long that they have to walk on their knuckles?! 

And did you know ants can carry 20 times their body weight?! Multiply your weight by 20. Could you lift that?

Learn more fun facts about ants and anteaters. Afterwards try to draw your own. What funny creatures!



I'm Annie, the Anteater. I live in the walls of an old, old house. I've spent all day chasing ants around and around the room, running along this wainscotting edge. How does this chase end?


Exciting stories can be told

With really funny props

Like curly wigs, and corncob pipes

And super silly socks. 

Once you've found all three of these

There's more play you can find

Transforming things is fun to do

With your creative mind. 

A sock becomes a puppet

Or a chia pet

Corncobs become small planters

For seeds that must get wet.

A world of wonder surrounds you

Everything is fun, when

Anything becomes something

With imagination. 

Untitled_Artwork 24.png


  • 3 more skeleton keys, similar to the one in the damask wallpaper

  • shooting star!

  • nozzle-knot of a balloon 

  • phonograph

  • clarinet

  • nail x 4

  • copper penny

  • feather x 2

  • the word "ant"


Have you ever heard of the Golden Rule? What is it? Why is it important?

Did you know the Golden Ruler is hiding somewhere in the Antique Antechamber? Have you found it? 


Create your own Golden Ruler bookmarker. Cut out a rectangle that is 1" x 6". Add the markers for every inch. On the back, use your own words to define the Golden Rule. Keep it in your book to mark your page!

And Consider These

In order to open the sliding Drawing Room Drawer, you have to put your finger in the hole in the wall and "peel" the wallpaper away. So it's like the the drawer is a secret place between the walls to stash your favorite treasures. 

But from the other side, you can pretend that it's the interior of the secret vault. A special place to hide your valuable possessions.

TOP SECRET: Somewhere in the antechamber is a written sentence. It's the first part to a quote. Find that sentence and plug it into your internet browser. Can you finish the quote? Can you find out who said it? 

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